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 CALLER'S ANGELS is an outstanding Square Dance choreographic program. Available in 2 versions, the newest CD version 4.0 has voicecaller's angels 1.JPG (34552 bytes) recognition as well as other outstanding new features. You will find below additional information describing each programs main features.
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You can download a demo version of Caller's Angels! Double click to get a Zipped -- Windows archive file -- version of the demo. Use Windows WinZip to unzip the Demo program. NOTE: Demo version is for XP and older operating systems -- regular program is for Windows 7 and below.

                      Caller's Angels Demo Download

Read and print,  "How to use the Demo for Caller's Angels"

CALLER'S ANGELS allows you to work out Square Dance choreography on your computer by typing in a sequence of calls to simulated dancers on your computer screen. The dancers are displayed as icons representing boys and girls with each couple a different (user changeable) color. The dancers move through the call when you type in the call. The program will not let you do illegal combinations and also keeps track of the number of steps - very helpful when working out singing call figures. Programmed by Bill Faught there are currently two versions available: Windows version and the new upgraded CD version 4.0 with voice recognition.

The main way to use the program is to try out your choreography and see the effects on the dancers before actually calling it. You can check that the choreography works without wondering, "did I push the checkers right? " Easily explore unusual sequences with out burdening your dancers with routines that do not work.

Singing call figures are easily put together using CALLER'S ANGELS. Because the program keeps count of the number of steps in a routine, creating your own singing call figures is easy.

Newer Callers can practice sight calling and formation awareness with out having to get all their friends together!

Also, you can use this program to explore the latest quarterly selections. CALLER'S ANGELS lets you define a new call and use it in your own routines and singing call figures.

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  • Contains square dance calls through the Advanced level.
  • Shows "dancers" on the screen.
  • Shows the movement and path of the dancers as them move to the next formation as each call is entered.
  • Shows the name of the formation.
  • Generates possible resolutions.
  • Counts the number of dancers steps. This is very helpful when working out new singing call figures.
  • Extensive dancer identification: boys, girls, ends, centers, infacers, outfacers, heads, sides, very centers, etc.
  • Allows you to define your own names and abbreviations for calls.
  • Allows you to define new calls to add to the data base.
  • Allows you to feature a specific call in generated resolutions.
  • Allows you to limit calls to specific calling level (e.g., Mainstream, Plus, 1-47, etc.).
  • Full animation of all calls.
  • Animation controls: speed, granularity, and dancer focus.
  • A step control so you can step the dancers through a call one step at a time.
  • Pop up pick list for selecting calls by just using your mouse.
  • Multiple simultaneous choreo windows.
  • Full integration with Windows, clipboard communication with text editors.
  • Complete A-1 and A-2 list of calls.
  • On-line context-sensitive help and documentation.
  • Easily saves your routines to a file (like a document in your word processor) for later printing or opening into another program.

System Requirements for Caller's Angels Version 4.0

CPU processor speed: 200 MHz minimum, but 333MHz and higher works much better for voice input and animation.
Memory: 128Mb
Disk space: 100Mb
Operating System: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, or Windows 7
Caller's Angels Version 4.0 comes on a single CD-ROM. The CD-ROM contains Caller's Angels software plus all of the speech engine software required for voice input and output. 

Contact Information

For a complete information package contact Dick Henschel at:

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